Monday, June 30, 2008

Zimbabwe protest poems


At the final whistle we were way behind:
we had stretched the rules as far as we could,
knowing that our supporters wouldn't mind,
for our intentions were nothing but good.
There is no way we'll accept the result
for we have never done anything but win.
We've always been an unstoppable cult
who have never had to take it on the chin.

We demand another few minutes more
so that we can knobble the opposition.
That way we can definitely ensure
the impossibility of concession.
For our football team is ZANU PF
and Robert Mugabe is the only ref!


At the kick off we were primed and ready:
we had completed all of our training.
We knew there was no chance of its raining
as our captain’s faith in God was steady.
It was He, he said, who had won the game
the last time we’d beaten our opponent
without skill or luck as a component;
so we can expect much more of the same.

Now our adversaries have all pulled out:
a result of maiming their supporters.
Their hopes and dreams all efficiently slain:
our preordained result beyond all doubt.
We won’t listen to all those reporters
who say we’ve destroyed democracy again!


The stadium was full to the rafter
with supporters from opposing teams.
One side about to realise its dreams
the other only sardonic laughter.
They were all compelled to attend the game
but only one team ran onto the field.
It wasn’t too hard for opponents to yield
or for the victors to get all the fame.

After the victory lap was complete
they double checked each supporters ticket
to make sure that they had enjoyed the match.
But with such a lopsided scoresheet
they certainly couldn’t call it cricket,
or claim to have taken a fair catch!


Our captain stood on the victory dais
his face a continent of beaming pride
knowing that our win was without bias,
in spite of the fact the goals were too wide.
Our supporters were overcome with joy
while theirs all seemed completely subdued.
We were so proud of our inspiring boy
for the opposition had not even booed.

As we began one more victory lap
our opponents began to shuffle out
while the overseas press had turned their back.
Madiba and Desmond stamped on their cap
Of both their feelings there could be no doubt….
but we all know Robert can resist any flak!

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